Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Did you have a good Easter yesterday? Mine was great. I had a lovely dinner with the family. The weather was great, nice and sunny, although there was still a cold spring breeze in the air. I had a nice walk in the sun and I got a few more squares done on my current wip.

I think I’m near the end of it. I only have 15 more granny squares to go. Then I have to block them, join them, do a border and weave in the ends. Maybe I’m not nearly done after all. 😁

A wicker basket, full of wool, to make Minecraft granny squares

It’s a Minecraft blanket, that I started last year sometime and was supposed to have finished in January, but that obviously didn’t happen. It’s a pattern by The Loopy Stitch. It’s a great pattern, nice and easy, with a really good chart. I’m just sick of all the squares. 🀣 Maybe my next wip should be a nice round mandala. 😁

My hand drawn version of the chart, plus my square checklist

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